Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three Step for LOVE...

It is not easy for any person in love to really understand whether or not your partner really loves you. The person on the other side of the table may only be reciprocating your feelings. It would be only wise then to determine their actually feeling for you right now. With the following three tips, you can easily make a proper decision in this regard....
The first tip is to find out how much important you are for your partner. If there is someone else that your partner finds more important in his love life than you, you can be sure that your partner's feelings towards you are not genuine. You can easily tell by his/her behavior to you if you go down on his priority list in life.
The second tip is to notice whether your partner actually feels insecure when you are in the company of others. A strong sign of a great emotional attachment is seen by the jealousy in the eyes of your partner when you are enjoying the company of somebody else. A true lover shows the feeling of possessiveness and always desires an acknowledgement that you are just theirs. This jealousy is in short a wonderful sign of the great love your partner has for you.
The third and final tip is check whether your partner really expresses or emotes his love for you. An expression of love in a kiss, a hug or even saying those wonderful words "I love you" mean a lot to adding to any love relationship. Else you can be sure, that you were living so far in a world of fantasy!Once you are aware of the situation of your relationship, it would be best for you to take the best step towards a better future.
Love is after all that lies in the "heart" of any relationship!
gud luck......:-)

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